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About Giant Strides

Devoted to promoting personal development and achievement through positive living and life coaching, Giant Strides was created after I faced and successfully dealt with both my own fears and a number of life-changing experiences. In forming this company, it was my intention to help people gain deeper levels of self-understanding through a practical and effective process of discovery and realization.

The challenges and adventures that we all confront during our lifetime can not only be met from a rational and optimistic point of view, they can actually serve as springboards to veritable leaps in personal growth and accomplishment that will, in turn, lead to new levels of inner peace and happiness.

The tools we use to achieve these results are based on proven and accepted practices that work to help unlock your hidden potential while giving you the courage to act decisively on your new-found convictions.

You already possess the seeds for your own success. Let Giant Strides teach you how to plant them…and watch yourself grow!

Rosanne Masone

Rosanne G. Masone

Founder & CEO

An avid SCUBA diver, underwater photographer and snow skier, Rosanne Masone is the author of “Chasing the Shark: A Journey from Fear to Freedom,” and a co-author in the best selling book, “A Juicy, Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women who’ve Found the Sweetness in Every Day.” She is also a co-author in the best selling book series, “Wake-Up Women Be.” Listed in Metropolitan Who's Who and a winner of the Tribute to Women and Industry Award, she is a former corporate director in a leading Fortune 500 company and a former office manager for a New York law firm.

A powerful motivational speaker and a certified PADI Rescue Diver, Rosanne is also a licensed New Jersey real estate agent and a Wellness Coach with Herbalife International. She is active in community service with STEED, a New Jersey based horseback riding program for handicapped persons, a Special Olympics Equestrian Coach and Only Hope Cat Rescue of NYC.

Rosanne is also an active member of CEO Space International, a free-enterprise forum which lends support and direction to new entrepreneurs.

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